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This is Our Legacy

It goes without saying that the global metal scene would not be the same without Sepultura. For 40 years now, the Brazilian icons are not only a band revered worldwide; they have been, are and forever will be at the very forefront of Thrash Metal, trailblazing since the day they released their legendary debut album “Morbid Visions” in 1986.


While quickly establishing themselves as leaders of the second wave of Thrash already in the late eighties and catching the attention of critics worldwide and soon Roadrunner Records as well, they never came even close to stagnation and placed themselves on the international metal map with “Beneath The Remains” . After their genre milestone “Roots” and a split from their former lead singer, Sepultura quickly regained their fire on “Against” when American vocalist Derrick Green joined their ranks. They headlined some of the biggest metal festivals around the globe and received multiple gold and platinum records in countries such as France, Australia, Indonesia, the United States, their home country and many more.


4 decades filled with ups and downs could never bring the band’s unstoppable energy to a halt and after having visited 80 countries and countless different cultures, releasing further classics such as “Nation” or “Kairos”, Sepultura forged another highlight of their career with their latest studio album ‘Quadra’ and their collaboration-release “SepulQuarta” that helped them overcome the difficult times of the pandemic as a unity.


But now, the moment has come for Brazilian’s most successful metal band of all time, to lay their unmatched legacy to rest. For the next 18 months, the quartet from Belo Horizonte will tour the world for one final time before the curtain will fall – and you can all be a part of their last journey.

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